As the snowflakes start to fall, the herds start flocking towards Europe’s most renowned ski resorts that are famous for the picturesque setting in the midst of the ice-covered mountains. What could be better than hurtling through the snow at breakneck speed, while screaming at the top of your lungs? If you’re in the mood to embark on such a trip, we’ve shortlisted the top 5 ski resorts in Europe!

1. Andermatt, Switzerland

This resort boasts an impressive 6 hotels, 490 apartments and 25 villas. This panoramic alpine village is a place that one should make sure not to miss this winter. Located in central Switzerland amid four different mountain passes, it gets pounded by over 40 feet of snow each year. Gemstock, one of the Andermatt’s three ski-hills, at a height 9,721 ft, provides slopes with the perfect powdered snow.

2. Alagna, Italy

Alagna is located in Northern Italy, on the southern face of Monte Rosa Massif. This, together with two additional ski areas, Champoluc and Grissoney, provide 115 miles of runs to fulfill all your skiing expectations. Don’t forget to head to the Caffe delle Guide to take a glimpse of the nightlife. Most famed ski resorts house an attraction that makes the place distinct from the rest of the offerings. The Alagna slopes are home to a nightlife that cannot be found on any of the top 5 ski resorts in Europe!

3. Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Oberland is located at one of the finest and scenic locations of Switzerland. Offering you a chance to ski amongst the famous Eiger and Monch peaks; you can enjoy the pristine views as you ski down Europe’s longest glacier, the Aletschgletscher, measuring 14 miles long. Including a ski trip on the glacier would definitely be worth your while; though it may constitute having to go a bit out of the way.

4. Zermatt, Switzerland

With over 60 on-slope food joints, you’ll have an experience of a lifetime at this resort, which is spread over 3 mountains, with a combined run of around 153 miles. Skiing here might just be the thing if you love short snack breaks at regular intervals! Don’t forget to eye the graceful Matterhorn as it towers over the valley!

5. Mürren, Switzerland

The Swiss Alps are famous for their extraordinary views; head to Mürren in a train or a cable car to enjoy 33 mile slopes. The best part – It’s comparatively remote location protects it from overcrowding. If you ski on a regular basis, you’ve probably come to hate the number of people who crowd the slopes doing nothing besides lounging with friends. For the more serious skiers, the slopes of Murren serve as the perfect setting to ski in peace! Head down there and ski without having to contend with unnecessary crowds.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, skiing on Europe’s most attractive slopes this winter might just be the experience you need to start off the New Year with a blast! Throw off the inhibitions; head down and ski at the top 5 ski resorts in Europe!

Source by Leonard Sanford

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