Planning your wedding can prove very exciting but very stressful! You’ve got to think about booking the venue, buying your wedding dress, sorting out the bridesmaids and everything else which comes along. The best thing to think about is knowing that after the big day, you’ve got a 2 week honeymoon to look forward to, somewhere divine, surrounded by white sands, swaying palms and romance filled air. But…where to go? With so many options available for you and with a hefty budget in tow, the decision is yours! Here are some great destination tips which just may help you make up your mind;

1. The Maldives – Scattered around the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is the stereotypical, idyllic destination for any honeymoon. Arrive in style via speedboat or seaplane, be greeted with a refreshing tropical cocktail then make yourself at home in your Jacuzzi Water Villa for the best 14 days of your life. What better way to celebrate your new promised love for each other than relaxing in sheer privacy surrounded by crystal clear sparkling water and water alone. You’ll be dazzled by the white, talcum powder sands, the sparkling ocean and the luxury of your wooden, stilted villa sitting above the Indian Ocean. The island is your oyster, you can relax on the beach, jump onboard a speed boat and visit some local islands, try your hand at scuba diving or partake in the ultimate true love experience…the Robinson Crusoe trip. The Robinson Crusoe trip is offered on many islands and offers you the chance to be stranded alone, just you, your husband and the ocean. The Maldives must be seen to be believed, until I travelled their, I didn’t believe such beauty existed.

2. Mexico – Boasting 5* hotels, Mexico is the ideal location for those who don’t want to lift a finger for the full 14 nights. With several resorts to choose from, the most popular and romantic being the Riviera Maya. Fly into Cancun and transfer across to your luxury property, be greeted with a cold towel and make yourself welcome in your stunning bedroom along with extra large Jacuzzi. The Riviera Maya sits along a stunning, white coast line with swaying palm trees lining the shore. Entertainment is all hotel based where you’ll usually find sporting activities, diving excursions and evening shows. If you’re the type of couple who still loves a good night out then catch a taxi and head into the capital of Cancun. Boasting an array of trendy, modern bars where you can sit on a swing whilst sipping a tequila, have a wander around the beautiful shops and then join a queue for a nightclub, some of which have waterslides! For a captivating, romance filled honeymoon, Mexico offers something every couple will enjoy.

3. Barbados – For a honeymoon where time will near enough stands still, Barbados is the ideal destination. Get into the local pace here by relaxing and taking everything in, in a perfectly slow, special way. Unwind on these overwhelming, white sandy beaches with a rum punch in hand. You won’t want to leave your hotel but you must. Let the local flavours envelope you by heading to the undeveloped east coast where you can enjoy the rugged surroundings and wild surfing areas. Barbados is one of those once in a lifetime places to visit, so what could be more special than visiting to celebrate your marriage and love for one another.

4. Costa Rica – For an adventure filled honeymoon, head to the tropical Costa Rica. Situated in Central America, this beautiful retreat offers a unique feel which most other destinations can’t. One moment you’ll be stood in an atmospheric tropical rainstorm then travelling out of it will see you laid on a sunny, sandy beach with a good book and being watched over by the Arenal volcano. Get adventurous and partake in the canopy tour…after setting out via horseback, hike through the tropical rain forests and finish the day 55 meters high in the canopy flying through the canopy by cables, although not for the faint hearted, this is a definite must while in Costa Rica. If that sounds a little too vigorous, try a spot of fishing, white water rafting or even horse riding. Ideal for a honeymoon with a twist, Costa Rica is perfect for those who love abit of adventure and like to keep busy.

5. Cape Verde – For the ultimate in true romance and relaxation, head to the volcanic islands of Cape Verde. The stunning island of Sal is one of the most popular offering a high standard of hotels and crisp, white beaches. Still an up and coming resort, Santa Maria offers sweeping white coastlines with plenty of comfortable sunbeds ready and waiting for you and your new hubby to lie back, breathe in the unique atmosphere and gaze into one another’s eyes feeling relaxed and completely happy and ready for your new life together. Cape Verde holidays also come bearing a uniquely low price tag so could prove best in the long run leaving you with some spare cash for that new house!

Wherever you decide to go for your perfect honeymoon, as long as it has soft white beaches, glittering blue seas and your beautiful new hubby by your side, you’ll have the best break of a lifetime and one to remember together until the end. Begin your life together as you mean to go on…filled with beauty, luxury and most importantly, much love.

Source by Laura Elliott

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