Winter has always been our favorite season. Sipping hot cocoa in front of a fire, wearing cozy clothes and cuddling in warm blankets with a sprinkle of snow all around you add a certain magic to the winter months.

The cold however isn’t as magical for everyone. Many of us want to get away from the biting snow and enjoy the warmth of the sun that is so rare in the winter season. Luckily, USA is full of gems that keep shining with warmth and sunbeams throughout these grey days.

If you are looking for the best winter getaways, we bring you a list with some of the greatest chilly winter cities and the finest warm climates all in one delicious serving!

New Orleans

Not only are there some festive holiday themed activities going on at this exciting place, you can find some of the best deals in hotel rates during these times. Also home to the ever so popular Mardi Gras at this time of year, New Orleans has some of the best cafes to make your entire experience unforgettable.

Concord, NH

This location is for true winter buffs who meet the season with a sense of adventure. With 6 ski locations within a diameter of 50 miles of Concord, this place is buzzing with activity. 55 trails, 8 lifts and slopes make it the perfect place for the adventurous soul to visit. If you’re into cross country and downhill skiing, sleigh rides, ice skating, sledding, snowmobiling and snowboarding, then Concord is a must visit location for you this year. Just remember to bundle up as you face more than 63 inches of snow.

Kauai, Hawaii

While most people would flock to Honolulu; the capital of Hawaii in the winter, this underdog is just as great, if not better for winter. What makes this secluded little island so appealing for winter is that you can get the most of the beaches and the sun without the congestion and crowds. Although not quite like winter, the island too has a certain magic of its own. Go swimming and explore sea caves, and snorkel through the water in the backdrop of lush green mountains and beautiful rainbows every day.

Anchorage, AK

The teeth chattering freezing temperatures of anchorage have done very little to stop visitors from frequenting this place. Remaining absolutely frozen from October to April, Anchorage provides you with all kinds of winter activities under the sun (which ironically is quite elusive in Anchorage). This urban hub in the middle of nowhere boasts restaurants, pizzerias, sushi bars and pubs. Not only can foodies find every possible cuisine here, they can also fill up on a cultural experience by visiting Cyrano’s Theatre Company, the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts and the 22 museums in this beautiful place. Downhill and cross country skiing, ice fishing, hockey, snowboarding along with many other activities makes sure that you don’t miss out on anything.

What makes Anchorage special is the Aurora Borealis which paints the canvas of the sky with vivid colors letting your imagination run wild. It’s the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for inspiration.

Source by Leonard Sanford

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