Chicago has always been a vibrant and interesting city both for a great vacation and cuisine experience and much can be said about its vibrant tastes as a place of music such as blues and soul, and well as its lively comedy clubs and the city continues to cultivate a strong classical music, popular music, dance and performing arts tradition. Though what makes the city truly memorable is also its cuisine, both unique and sort after, as well as traditional that makes residents and visitors alike mouths’ start to water.

The 3 Kings of Chicago

The city of Chicago as many tastes and is known for a robust and vigorous tradition of surrealist, funky figurative paintings and art, such as the Chicago Imagist group that is of great appeal, but there are those food delights that the city is truly known for. The most well-know and beloved of its traditional meals is the Chicago Style Hot Dog or simply the Chicago Dog. This culinary pleasure is traditionally made by using water steam to cook a beef frankfurter, which is then placed into a bun that can be sesame-seed or poppy seed, and is covered with chopped white onions, drizzled with mustard, topped with relish and then the most important ingredient; fresh chopped mint leaves.

The institution in Chicago is the iconic deep dish pizza made nationally famous in large part by Uno’s and Lou Malnatis Pizzerias, with butter crust, with large amounts of cheese and unique chunky tomato sauce, which contributes a unique flavor delight to the pallet. Another is the famous Italian Beef Sandwich with dripping beef strips, very fine sliced roast beef simmered in a broth containing Italian seasonings and served on an Italian roll soaked in the meat juices. Most beef stands offer a ‘cheesy beef’ option, which is typically the addition of a slice of provolone or mozzarella. Italian beef sandwiches are traditionally topped with sweet peppers or zesty giardiniera.

Other Delightful Cuisine

The food culture of the city of Chicago is not limited to its traditional foods, as it offers a wide array of different culinary experiences for any one taking a city-break from their jobs or lifestyles to enjoy what it all has to offer. When walking through the many streets of the city, it is possible to be enticed by different and wonderful food smells, both traditionally Chicago, as well as other fast food delights and many health and exquisite palatable dishes available almost on any corner by vendors, mini cafés and mobile culinary restaurants that offer unique samples of food that are created on the spot.

On such culinary delight is Gyros which are common along with the flaming saganak. You can also find a very unique style of tamale supplied by the strong Puerto Rican community and is a specialty known as the jibarito. While the city’s The South Side specialties in a double cheese burger named the ‘Big Baby’, as well as the breaded-steak sandwich, which is a specialty in the Bridgeport neighborhood and many more.

Lively and Vibrant Restaurant Scene

The city offers so many choices in acquiring delectable delights on the street and corners that one often forgets that though its sidewalks can be a culinary abundance of food styles and tastes, the restaurant scene in the stunning city is vibrant, divers and an absolute enchantment when going out for a meal, both during the day and in the evenings. There are many ways to find out what is hot and happening when it comes to culinary pleasures in the city, with many guidesavailable online and in tourist centers and it is possible to find that perfect place to get that meal you crave, both traditionally Chicago and other less traditional and more exotic feats.

From exclusive restaurants, boasting only the best and most expensive cuisine to the quaint café corner, as well as diversity such Italian, Chinese, Steakhouses and so much more; you will never be spoilt for choice. Numerous restaurants featuring Middle Eastern fare can be found along Lawrence Avenue, polish cuisine is well represented along Milwaukee Avenue on the Northwest side and Archer Avenue. The predominantly Mexican neighborhoods of Pilsen and Little Village are home to numerous eateries ranging from small taquerías to full scale restaurants. A large concentration of Vietnamese restaurants can be found in the Argyle Street district and as well a large number of Korean restaurants along Lawrence Avenue and, increasingly. The Indo-Pak community along Devon Avenue hosts many Indian restaurants.

The city of Chicago offers a great place to spend vacationing and visiting, both with its vibrant atmosphere and nightlife to its divers and delightful culinary pleasures.

Source by Marco Fuso

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