Latin America has twenty countries and a population almost double that of the U.S. You’ve probably heard of or even been to Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, or Mexico City. But that leaves a lot of other beautiful cities and places to go on this continent. Whether you’re an experienced traveler looking for a new adventure or someone who wants to take a few days away from the touristy hot spots, this list is for you.


Just across the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires, Uruguay’s capital Montevideo is an Old World city of cobblestone streets and shade-casting sycamores. Founded in 1811 after a war of independence against Spain, Brazil, Argentina, and Portugal, Uruguay today is a liberal bastion in South America. In 2013 they legalized same-sex marriage and cannabis, which will surely influence how people party in Punta del Este, a glamorous resort town on the eastern edge of the country. This is where the Uruguayan glitterati stay during the summer months (winter in North America). For a more relaxing stay, the UNESCO World Heritage town of Colonia del Sacramento is at the western end of the country, just across the river from Argentina. Founded in 1680, Colonia is one of the oldest European settlements in Uruguay, and is a beautiful and quiet getaway from Montevideo or Buenos Aires.


Often overshadowed by its northern neighbor Costa Rica, Panama has a major metropolis, affordable prices and worldly culture. Panama City uses the dollar as its currency, although locals call it the balboa. Depending on who you ask, their economy is the third or fourth largest in Latin America, as well as the fastest growing. Viejo Panama, just north of the capital, was a pirate refuge in the 17th century and its ruins still stand today. Meanwhile, Panama City is a hotbed of new restaurants, cafes and art galleries, where a variety of languages are spoken by expats from around the world. Recent development has made the Panama City skyline replete with skyscrapers. Because of its unique geography, it’s possible to visit both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in the same day. On the way, stop by the Chagres National Park, home to lush rainforests, rivers, lakes, and artesian aquifers which give the world high grade artesian water, as well as plants and animals, some of which can only be found there.


The third largest economy in Latin America is in Colombia, home to many stereotypes and beautiful places. Cartagena is only the country’s fifth largest city, but it has a wealth of history. This Caribbean port has been a center of human activity for at least six thousand years. Today Cartagena is a sleepy town with a beautiful walled city. On the other hand Columbia’s capital, Bogota is among the world’s thirty largest cities. This city’s crime levels have fallen drastically since the early ’90s, when it used to be one of the world’s most dangerous cities. The Museum of Gold and the historical district are prime attractions. If that’s not your speed, Santa Marta is another port town, the second oldest city in South America and the oldest in Colombia. Nearby mangrove forests are great to explore during the day and follow up with a night of partying in Parque de los Novios.


Along with the city of Krakow, Quito was the first UNESCO World Heritage Site. At 9,350 feet, it’s one of the highest capitals in the world. It may take you a day or two to acclimate, but once you do, it’s well worth it. The equator runs through a village a short car ride away, meaning that you can easily move from the north half of the world to the south just by taking a short walk. Cuenca is another city worth visiting, with a rich colonial history and proximity to Las Cajas National Park, at roughly 10,000 feet, with crystalline lakes reflecting the nearby Andes. The Galapagos are one of the reasons Ecuador is one of seventeen megadiverse countries in the world, which takes into account the biodiversity of a nation. It’s roughly $250 round trip for a 45 minute flight from Guayaquil, the country’s largest city, and compared to a lengthy boat ride for about the same price, is well worth it. Ecuador’s new constitution from 2008 is the only one to recognize the Rights of Nature, which legally enforce protection of ecosystems.


Home to the second largest reef in the world, Belize is situated in the middle of the nearly thousand mile-long Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. A scuba diver’s paradise, Belize has far fewer tourists than its southern neighbors. Its wildlife reserves are home to jaguars and scarlet macaws, both native to the region. Belize is also the only English-speaking nation in Latin America, so it’s easy for Americans to get around, although an English-Spanish creole is commonly spoken. For those interested in cultural exploration, Mayan ruins exist throughout this country, especially in the south. Caracol was one of the primary regional political centers during the classical Mayan era and its ruins continue to be of archaeological importance today. Visitors to Chichen Itza may find Belize a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of tourism to the north.

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Colombian traveling is safe for U.S. Citizens as long as they know what they are doing. It is true that traveling to Colombia can be dangerous, but I question whether or not this is more so for American Citizens. Many argue that it is. The main reason for this is because usually Americans bring U.S. Dollars, a well paid currency in Colombian pesos.

The economic factor will always be a strong one. However, this will be true even if we are talking about traveling to Europe or any other place in the world outside the continental U.S. U.S. citizens that are interested in doing some Colombian traveling usually ask me if they are a target not because of the dollars but because of political reasons, after all Colombia’s war with guerrillas and paramilitary groups are highly advertised.

However, the incidence of kidnappings in Colombia of U.S. citizen is very low. This is mainly because there are safe places for Americans to visit. Colombia’s big cities (Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Cartagena, Pereira, Ibague, Manizales, etc.) are cities with enhanced security. Much of the military is stationed here, making these cities a great destination.

There are other localities not too far from Bogota that allow a great safe cultural visit. One of them is the locality (small city) of Mariquita, in the department of Tolima. Mariquita is about three hours north of Bogota. The highway is safe as it is highly guarded by the Colombian military. This road is one of the main for Colombian commerce so it is kept open.

Mariquita is a great spot for tourist. The natural sceneries of Mariquita are simply gorgeous. This is probably why Mariquita was the center of the Botanic Expedition. The weather is warm – hot, and it is great for some drinks, swimming, sun, and fun. If you are planning to visit Mariquita, you should check local hotels that have swimming pools and air conditioning. My favorite spot is it translates to the knight’s village. They have a local restaurant that offers local fruits, ice creams, drinks, and foods. They have all the amenities that you would find in an American hotel.

Mariquita is a great place for U.S. tourist if they are looking to see the more cultural aspects of Colombia. It is a safe place as there is a Colombian air force based located there.

If you are planning to travel to Colombia, put Mariquita on the map. If you are looking for bigger cities, Bogota, Medellin, and Cali are your best options.

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Travelling around South of America means exploring the rich culture, fascinating fusion of Spanish and Portuguese languages, and congenial values of Latin America. South America Air Travel delivers limitless choices, versatility and friendliness in your jet-setting journey-whether for business or pleasure.

South America Air Travel fares may be a little higher but with the friendly competition that’s tagging along with tourism boost, travel agents and airlines are offering better prices to tourists from all over the world. In South America, you have the chance to know how passionate people from Southern American cities are. Your options are Asuncion in Paraguay, Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena in Columbia, Buenos Aires and Ushuaia in Argentina, Caracas in Venezuela, Iquitos, Cusco and Lima in Peru, La Paz and Santa Cruz in Bolivia, Manaus, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador in Brazil, Quito in Ecuador, and Santiago in Chile. These tourist destinations provide the same aura of hospitality and sophistication influenced largely by Spain and Portugal.

Your access to 34 cities found in 10 countries of the Latin blooded South America are made possible by South America Air Travel airlines like Royal Jordanian Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, Finn Air, West Caribbean Airlines, Santa Barbara Airlines, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Qantas. All of them are committed to provide smooth sky rides while maintain a consistently rewarding trip to every tourist. It is in South America where the most number of value air passes are afforded to avid travelers. To find the latest offers and discounter airfare rates, you might have to consult some travel agencies online.

South America Air Travel offers travel air passes like the Mercosur Air Pass, One World South America, Star Alliance South America, Star Alliance Brazil, TAM Air Pass, South America Pass, Bolivia Air Pass, Discover Columbia and Argentina Air Pass. These passes offer extensive travel privileges to different tourist spots around the country. Respective inclusions are defined in each of the passes in reference to every tourist’s preferred travel itinerary.

There are discount airlines that are available for tourists. Airline rates vary from time to time. Taking the South America Air Travel, you will be warmly met by friendly staff as you land on Southern American airports in Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Guyana, Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Panama. Premium air travel services are also offered by South American airlines both in domestic and international voyages, to include cargo flights. Some private aircraft also operate to cater to the higher end market, officials and big businessmen.

South America Air Travel is a spectacular itinerary to get hold of. Getting a window seat at the airline will give you that breathtaking bird’s eye view of how vast natural resources in South America are. Travelling weekdays is suggested so that you could avail of lower airfare rates.

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When traveling by air to Medellin, the first aspect that you should remember is that you are going to need a rental car. Especially if you do not want to rely on public transportation such as cabs while in the area for your entire time in the city which could be a huge headache for you. So when it comes to renting a car in Medellin, there are a few things to keep in mind while doing so. First off, you should be sure to book in plenty of time before your actual landing into the city. The reason is that you can be sure to get the kind of car that you want, as well as get the best deal possible.

You should also be certain to use a car rental company that can convert currencies because many people who visit the city of Medellin do not have the currency that the city uses. This is where using a reputable and advanced car rental company comes into play. Most of those car rental companies that are located in the airport are going to be your best bet, simply because they will be more easier to rent from since they are located at where you will be landing. Secondly, you can simply drop the car back off once you get ready to leave, which is another convenient feature.

Of all the car rental companies that are located in the airport you should be able to find the type of car that fits your needs since there will be an array of different vehicle that everyone will find useful for their particular family. In addition, you should be certain that you understand the laws of driving in the area since they are sure to be different from what you are used to.

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Plenty of individuals have frequently questioned why there are plenty of tourists taking a trip to Prague yearly. The truth is that it’s one of the most appealing locations for a vacation, and is surely a popular vacation spot located in the East Central section of the European continent. Still, you’re not easily convinced by that, and you wish to know more about their reasons for taking a trip there. Thus, if you really aren’t won over with the word of mouth, maybe you should do some research and figure out just what makes Prague so renowned. Maybe these points should be a sufficient to cause you to change your mind.

1. Prague offers an abundance of attractions. Actually, there’s a lot of them you just might find yourself wanting to spend a little longer amount of time in this city in the Czech Republic just to see to it you’ve covered them all. There are certainly many points of interest to go see in the city’s neighborhoods, ranging from the Old Town to the Castle & Jewish Districts.

2. Prague holds a lot of very interesting events each year, and you’ll surely want to come back here for much more memories to be made. You get to experience a great deal of the local culture with some yearly and seasonal events which don’t not even call for payment from you. On top of that, it is also a shopping paradise, with markets offering various products for you to procure every year. There is also the several parades held annually that you could want to take pictures of.

3. The nightlife in the city of Prague is quite lively. You will get a good dose of jazz music from some clubs for a good unwinding. Yet, if you’re a party animal, you might wish to check out some of the modern and most updated clubs, all providing UK electro house, dubstep, hardstyle and even good old fashioned techno music to keep your chest pumping with strong beats. you will also be treated to reasonably priced local beer. After several hours of clubbing, you can also go see a few the shops which are open until the wee hours of the morning.

These are just three reasons for going to Prague. You may also wish to consider the shopping experience, which is truly assorted, and even the local music, which can give you a different flavor of genres.

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Deep sea fishing is considered a sport where amateur or professional fishermen embark into the deepest parts of the water in search of a catch. The types of fish associated with the deep sea are those that live below what is called the “photic zone” of the ocean. In the deep sea, some of the oddest creatures have been known to dwell. The names given to these fish are just as fascinating, including the lanternfish, cookiecutter shark, anglerfish, and the flashlight fish.

When deep sea fishing, you should keep in mind that there are several endangered varieties of fish to avoid during your adventures. Due to the high levels of commercial fishing, species like the spiny eel and the onion-eye grenadier are nearing extinction.

What is a Deep Sea Fishing Charter?

Deep sea fishing charters are boats ran by a company or individual that will take tourists out on the water for a fishing experience they will never forget. Depending on the time of year, the type of fish you will expect to catch varies. Checking the calendars for the area you wish to engage in deep sea fishing is recommended if this is of concern to you.

When participating in a deep sea fishing charter, you can decide whether you wish to bottom fish or troll. Sometimes, both options are selected. If trolling doesn’t seem to produce the results you had hoped for, deep sea fishing charters can pull close to the reef and let you have your way with the fish in that area. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, trolling means that you cast a baited line in the water and wait for fish to latch on, while slowly driving the boat.

If you have your mind set on catching a particular fish, you should be aware of where they reside. This means you may have to travel quite a ways to hire a deep sea fishing charter to accomplish your goal. There are deep sea fishing charters located all over the globe.

Common Deep Sea Fishing Charter Options & Locations

Deep sea fishing charters are available in a wide-range of locations about the United States, as well as around the world. Some of the more popular deep sea fishing charters has been established around the Florida area, such as Pensacola, Key Largo, Key West, and Tampa Bay. Additional deep sea fishing opportunities can be found in Biloxi, Mississippi; New Jersey; New Hampshire; Hawaii; Charleston, South Carolina; Orange Beach, Alabama; Cape Cod; British Columbia; and the Gulf of Mexico. More exotic destinations for deep sea fishing include Phuket; Mexico; and the Bahamas.

An example of a deep sea fishing charter may include fishing for a full day, which is about 8 hours of fun. Departure times usually start at 7:30 in the morning. Sometimes, 6-hour charters and 3-hour options are available. In the Florida Keys, there is a deep sea fishing charter that offers swordfish trips, where participants leave the dock at 3 pm and return about 4:00 in the morning. The going rate for this selection is close to $1300. There is also sunrise to sunset deep sea fishing options.

In Cancun, there are deep sea fishing charters that provide all-inclusive packages. While you are on the hunt for Kingfish, Barracuda, Tuna, Wahoo and Blue Marlin, you will rest assured knowing that you have obtained a boat captain, crew, fishing tackle, bait, beer, soda, water, a fishing license, as well as port fees and taxes, all through one package rate. Keep in mind, after a pleasant deep sea fishing trip, it is polite to tip the crew.

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Steeped in both history and vibrancy, the resort town of Lake Geneva in southern Wisconsin offers a timeless appeal. Here are the top five reasons why you’ll want to plan a visit…

Lake Geneva: An Introduction

Located in southern Wisconsin just twelve miles north of the Illinois border, Lake Geneva is a popular destination for visitors from all over the midwest. The town is about two hours from Chicago by car, and about an hour from downtown Milwaukee.

The main attraction, but far from the only attraction, is Geneva Lake. Surrounded by stately mansions, the lake is a four seasons playground that draws people back again and again. Downtown Lake Geneva is just steps away, with its many unique specialty shops and inviting dining and nightlife options.

Surrounding the lake are other appealing small communities, like Williams Bay and Fontana on the lake’s western edge. Several resorts offer a full service vacation experience, while smaller motels attract the budget conscious traveler.

Having been consistent visitors to the Lake Geneva area for over 40 years, here are our top five reasons to plan a visit:

#1: The Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake is a classic paddlewheel style vessel that offers narrated tours of Geneva Lake. Enjoy the fresh lake breezes and learn about the spectacular mansions that dot the shoreline.

Tours are offered daily in season. There’s even a mail delivery cruise where the “mailman” leaps off the boat to deliver the mail, and then leaps back aboard, all while the boat is moving!

#2: Specialty Shopping

The downtown area is a pleasant, walkable district that is chock full of independent specialty shops. From art galleries to home decor to fashion, it’s all here.

There are frequent specialty and themed shopping events throughout the year, most notably Maxwell Street Days in August when just about everything is on sale.

#3: Wisconsin Fish Frys

You’ll find no shortage of upscale and intimate dining choices in the area, but nothing can beat a good old fashioned Wisconsin fish fry. You can try one every Friday for a year and still not hit them all!

The typical fish fry includes fried or broiled local fish, served with french fries or potato pancakes and cole slaw. Wash it down with a fresh local beer, relax, and enjoy!

#4: A Little Bit Of Napa Valley

Interestingly, the immediate area around Lake Geneva is something of a wine hot spot. The terrain is suited for all sorts of agricultural pursuits, including growing grapes. There are three wineries within 15 minutes of downtown, with a couple more slated to open in the near future.

#5: The Cheese Box

That’s the actual name of a store just outside of town that has been selling Wisconsin’s finest cheeses since 1940. A local landmark, The Cheese Box also offers a selection of gourmet sausages, along with just about everything you’ll need for a picnic along the lake.


While we’ve just scratched the surface, rest assured there are dozens more reasons to explore the beauty that is Lake Geneva. The appeal of this small resort community will draw you back again and again. No matter your passion, you can find it in this beautiful historic community.

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Planning your wedding can prove very exciting but very stressful! You’ve got to think about booking the venue, buying your wedding dress, sorting out the bridesmaids and everything else which comes along. The best thing to think about is knowing that after the big day, you’ve got a 2 week honeymoon to look forward to, somewhere divine, surrounded by white sands, swaying palms and romance filled air. But…where to go? With so many options available for you and with a hefty budget in tow, the decision is yours! Here are some great destination tips which just may help you make up your mind;

1. The Maldives – Scattered around the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is the stereotypical, idyllic destination for any honeymoon. Arrive in style via speedboat or seaplane, be greeted with a refreshing tropical cocktail then make yourself at home in your Jacuzzi Water Villa for the best 14 days of your life. What better way to celebrate your new promised love for each other than relaxing in sheer privacy surrounded by crystal clear sparkling water and water alone. You’ll be dazzled by the white, talcum powder sands, the sparkling ocean and the luxury of your wooden, stilted villa sitting above the Indian Ocean. The island is your oyster, you can relax on the beach, jump onboard a speed boat and visit some local islands, try your hand at scuba diving or partake in the ultimate true love experience…the Robinson Crusoe trip. The Robinson Crusoe trip is offered on many islands and offers you the chance to be stranded alone, just you, your husband and the ocean. The Maldives must be seen to be believed, until I travelled their, I didn’t believe such beauty existed.

2. Mexico – Boasting 5* hotels, Mexico is the ideal location for those who don’t want to lift a finger for the full 14 nights. With several resorts to choose from, the most popular and romantic being the Riviera Maya. Fly into Cancun and transfer across to your luxury property, be greeted with a cold towel and make yourself welcome in your stunning bedroom along with extra large Jacuzzi. The Riviera Maya sits along a stunning, white coast line with swaying palm trees lining the shore. Entertainment is all hotel based where you’ll usually find sporting activities, diving excursions and evening shows. If you’re the type of couple who still loves a good night out then catch a taxi and head into the capital of Cancun. Boasting an array of trendy, modern bars where you can sit on a swing whilst sipping a tequila, have a wander around the beautiful shops and then join a queue for a nightclub, some of which have waterslides! For a captivating, romance filled honeymoon, Mexico offers something every couple will enjoy.

3. Barbados – For a honeymoon where time will near enough stands still, Barbados is the ideal destination. Get into the local pace here by relaxing and taking everything in, in a perfectly slow, special way. Unwind on these overwhelming, white sandy beaches with a rum punch in hand. You won’t want to leave your hotel but you must. Let the local flavours envelope you by heading to the undeveloped east coast where you can enjoy the rugged surroundings and wild surfing areas. Barbados is one of those once in a lifetime places to visit, so what could be more special than visiting to celebrate your marriage and love for one another.

4. Costa Rica – For an adventure filled honeymoon, head to the tropical Costa Rica. Situated in Central America, this beautiful retreat offers a unique feel which most other destinations can’t. One moment you’ll be stood in an atmospheric tropical rainstorm then travelling out of it will see you laid on a sunny, sandy beach with a good book and being watched over by the Arenal volcano. Get adventurous and partake in the canopy tour…after setting out via horseback, hike through the tropical rain forests and finish the day 55 meters high in the canopy flying through the canopy by cables, although not for the faint hearted, this is a definite must while in Costa Rica. If that sounds a little too vigorous, try a spot of fishing, white water rafting or even horse riding. Ideal for a honeymoon with a twist, Costa Rica is perfect for those who love abit of adventure and like to keep busy.

5. Cape Verde – For the ultimate in true romance and relaxation, head to the volcanic islands of Cape Verde. The stunning island of Sal is one of the most popular offering a high standard of hotels and crisp, white beaches. Still an up and coming resort, Santa Maria offers sweeping white coastlines with plenty of comfortable sunbeds ready and waiting for you and your new hubby to lie back, breathe in the unique atmosphere and gaze into one another’s eyes feeling relaxed and completely happy and ready for your new life together. Cape Verde holidays also come bearing a uniquely low price tag so could prove best in the long run leaving you with some spare cash for that new house!

Wherever you decide to go for your perfect honeymoon, as long as it has soft white beaches, glittering blue seas and your beautiful new hubby by your side, you’ll have the best break of a lifetime and one to remember together until the end. Begin your life together as you mean to go on…filled with beauty, luxury and most importantly, much love.

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Chicago has always been a vibrant and interesting city both for a great vacation and cuisine experience and much can be said about its vibrant tastes as a place of music such as blues and soul, and well as its lively comedy clubs and the city continues to cultivate a strong classical music, popular music, dance and performing arts tradition. Though what makes the city truly memorable is also its cuisine, both unique and sort after, as well as traditional that makes residents and visitors alike mouths’ start to water.

The 3 Kings of Chicago

The city of Chicago as many tastes and is known for a robust and vigorous tradition of surrealist, funky figurative paintings and art, such as the Chicago Imagist group that is of great appeal, but there are those food delights that the city is truly known for. The most well-know and beloved of its traditional meals is the Chicago Style Hot Dog or simply the Chicago Dog. This culinary pleasure is traditionally made by using water steam to cook a beef frankfurter, which is then placed into a bun that can be sesame-seed or poppy seed, and is covered with chopped white onions, drizzled with mustard, topped with relish and then the most important ingredient; fresh chopped mint leaves.

The institution in Chicago is the iconic deep dish pizza made nationally famous in large part by Uno’s and Lou Malnatis Pizzerias, with butter crust, with large amounts of cheese and unique chunky tomato sauce, which contributes a unique flavor delight to the pallet. Another is the famous Italian Beef Sandwich with dripping beef strips, very fine sliced roast beef simmered in a broth containing Italian seasonings and served on an Italian roll soaked in the meat juices. Most beef stands offer a ‘cheesy beef’ option, which is typically the addition of a slice of provolone or mozzarella. Italian beef sandwiches are traditionally topped with sweet peppers or zesty giardiniera.

Other Delightful Cuisine

The food culture of the city of Chicago is not limited to its traditional foods, as it offers a wide array of different culinary experiences for any one taking a city-break from their jobs or lifestyles to enjoy what it all has to offer. When walking through the many streets of the city, it is possible to be enticed by different and wonderful food smells, both traditionally Chicago, as well as other fast food delights and many health and exquisite palatable dishes available almost on any corner by vendors, mini cafés and mobile culinary restaurants that offer unique samples of food that are created on the spot.

On such culinary delight is Gyros which are common along with the flaming saganak. You can also find a very unique style of tamale supplied by the strong Puerto Rican community and is a specialty known as the jibarito. While the city’s The South Side specialties in a double cheese burger named the ‘Big Baby’, as well as the breaded-steak sandwich, which is a specialty in the Bridgeport neighborhood and many more.

Lively and Vibrant Restaurant Scene

The city offers so many choices in acquiring delectable delights on the street and corners that one often forgets that though its sidewalks can be a culinary abundance of food styles and tastes, the restaurant scene in the stunning city is vibrant, divers and an absolute enchantment when going out for a meal, both during the day and in the evenings. There are many ways to find out what is hot and happening when it comes to culinary pleasures in the city, with many guidesavailable online and in tourist centers and it is possible to find that perfect place to get that meal you crave, both traditionally Chicago and other less traditional and more exotic feats.

From exclusive restaurants, boasting only the best and most expensive cuisine to the quaint café corner, as well as diversity such Italian, Chinese, Steakhouses and so much more; you will never be spoilt for choice. Numerous restaurants featuring Middle Eastern fare can be found along Lawrence Avenue, polish cuisine is well represented along Milwaukee Avenue on the Northwest side and Archer Avenue. The predominantly Mexican neighborhoods of Pilsen and Little Village are home to numerous eateries ranging from small taquerías to full scale restaurants. A large concentration of Vietnamese restaurants can be found in the Argyle Street district and as well a large number of Korean restaurants along Lawrence Avenue and, increasingly. The Indo-Pak community along Devon Avenue hosts many Indian restaurants.

The city of Chicago offers a great place to spend vacationing and visiting, both with its vibrant atmosphere and nightlife to its divers and delightful culinary pleasures.

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The real estate boom in Colombia is definitely attracting more and more foreign real estate investors every day. Growth in Colombia’s capital city, Bogota D.C. has been extraordinary. However, as in all markets some locations within the city have been performing better than others. Furthermore, foreign investment in Bogota Real Estate has been mainly focusing on 7 high profile Bogota neighborhoods which are yielding the best results.

Below, we will list the 7 most attractive Bogota neighborhoods for real estate investors. But first let’s go over how the city of Bogota is actually divided. Bogota has 2 types of divisions: Localities and Neighborhoods. Localities are large sectors that have many neighborhoods within them. Sort of like Burrows in New York City but a bit smaller.  

Bogota Colombia is broken up into 20 Localities (Localidades), each having many neighborhoods:

  • Antonio Narino
  • Barrios Unidos
  • Bosa
  • Candelaria
  • Chapinero
  • Ciudad Bólivar
  • Engativa
  • Fontibón
  • Kennedy
  • Martires
  • Puente Aranda
  • Rafael Uribe
  • San Cristobal
  • Santa Fe
  • Suba
  • Sumapaz
  • Teusaquillo
  • Tunjuelito
  • Usaquen
  • Usme

Where should I Invest in Bogota?

There is actually no, one best answer. However based on current growth and demand the neighborhoods below seem to be great candidates. For foreign real estate investors, coming mainly from the US and Europe, the 7 most attractive and profitable Bogota Colombia Neighborhoods right now, seem to be:

  1. Chico, (Chapinero)
  2. Cabrera (Chapinero)
  3. Rosales (Chapinero)
  4. Santa Barbara (Usaquén)
  5. Santa Lucia (Usaquen)
  6. Santa Ana (Usaquen)
  7. Chapinero Alto, (Chapinero)

It’s interesting to note that these 7 neighborhoods are only coming from 2 Bogota localities; Chapinero and Usaquen. Both of these localities are in the North Eastern part of the city where most of the country’s wealthy citizens live. Profitable Bogota real estate opportunities are abundant in these neighborhoods and construction is very prolific.

A Possible Explanation as to Why Investments in These Locations Have Greater Demand

These are exclusive neighborhoods where housing is a bit more expensive than in the rest of Bogota but the value of the properties tends to increase more rapidly. Rent costs are also higher and will therefore bring in better passive income streams to those who decide to go that route.

What About Real Estate in Other Localities and Neighborhoods?

Of course, there are also many other opportunities in different neighborhoods, such as Cabrera and Candelaria (These being 2 very popular tourist spots in Bogota) however these places mostly attract the younger adventurous type of crowd. Home prices have risen in these areas as well but not as fast as they have in more elite neighborhoods such as the 7 mentioned above.

Commercial real estate opportunities in the 7 neighborhoods mentioned above are also abundant. Foreign company’s and multinational firms are rapidly migrating to these northeastern neighborhoods in Bogota.

“It used to be that Downtown Bogota was the place to find international firms and multinational companies but that has changed” says Fabio Rodriguez, Social Media Strategist at’s Bogota Colombia office, who helps manage a lot of the firms Real Estate inventory in Bogota and affirms that “…more and more companies are thinking of the North as the best place to have office space.”

Source by Serapis Murillo